Google And OpenAI Lock Horns On AI Being Regulated By The Government

Both Google and OpenAI are two famous names in the world of artificial intelligence. But that does not mean they hold the same opinions on so many matters regarding the field.

The Android maker and the brainchild of ChatGPT seem to be in a current debate on a matter linked to AI and how they feel about the government taking complete control of its moderation.

The news comes amid an outcry by leading tech giants and famous personalities in this world about how they felt on the matter and how concerned they were about AI taking over the globe and causing human extinction.

The recent filing says that the duo are not happy with each other’s perspectives and are not failing in terms of putting their own points across the matter. They have totally opposite views on how the world of AI should be controlled by the American government as it’s about time the matter was discussed in detail.

The makers of ChatGPT want a single agency that is under the leadership of the government to control the matter. So in other words, they’re up for the idea of the government specifically allocating just one agency for this matter. It would handle all of the matters related to licensing as well as governance, it further explained.

But tech giant Google fails to agree and feels a more multi-layer approach needs to be taken to sufficiently deal with the operations related to AI. It further detailed how having multiple stakeholders involved was the way to go for efficient operations and proper governance in this domain.

Google further mentioned how this was not just one department that we were dealing with, it was a widespread domain and hence needed more attention to detail and more people involved instead of a single agency.

Even experts and researchers of AI agreed with Google’s plan and felt this might be the best way to allow for AI regulation. But then we’ve got OpenAI which claims that the time is flying and too many advancements are being done in this respect. So to combat that, such a multi-layered approach wouldn’t work.

As you can imagine, both Microsoft and OpenAI are on the same page and they’re favoring a more centralized model to conduct regulation. It’s like saying hello to one centralized body that’s globally recognized for this purpose and nothing else.

H/T: WashingtonPost

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