Google Leaves Users Puzzled After New And Confusing Update About Its Album Archive

Google has sent plenty of users into a state of absolute confusion after announcing a new update to its Album Archive.

The puzzling email tried to inform all of the users of the feature that there was some sort of image gallery UI that was old and linked to its Hangouts. This would not be available to them from next month onwards and that left people perplexed as to what is going on.

Moreover, the tech giant has gone on to explain through the email that only a small chunk of content that’s up for grabs across the album archive would be removed by next month’s end.

Under this category, we’re going to be seeing the deletion of tiny images featuring thumbnails, comments from albums, and even the respective like it’s received. Similarly, users can expect some of the data seen across the Google Hangout account to get removed via the Archive.

And lastly, any background images that were put across Gmail’s theme selector before the year 2018 would be removed too.

When you visit a certain link of the album archive feature, you’ll see an old gallery that entails the heading Photos from Hangouts and this says images and videos seen across Hangouts.

Moreover, it gets more organized through a chat that entails SMS threads with the latest one going back to the year 2016. Remember, you might stumble across a few galleries that hundreds of pictures that might pop up across a chat that was spot checked.

The Album Archive not being up for grabs anymore from next month means those who wish to withhold their data need to act now and make a copy before it's removed and it can be done through Takeout.

Remember, right after we see the suggestion from Google arise, it wouldn’t hurt to attain copies of the pictures. We suspect they’ll still be seen across Google Chat and even be there for the next 30 days but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

And if the data is not what interests you, well, you’ll see why it might turn into the best trip down memory lane for that time period when you relied on your good old pal Google so much.

If you ask us, the email in general is just so confusing. And we don’t blame users for being puzzled, one bit.

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