Elon Musk Says He Is A Strong Advocate For AI Regulation But Fails To Impress With His Vague Solutions

Elon Musk has been a long-term supporter of AI regulation since the day we saw OpenAI’s ChatGPT make its way to the masses.

Today, we’re hearing about how the tech billionaire is stressing indefinitely about the great risks that come with Generative AI and that’s why more moderation is required before it’s too late.

There was a major catastrophe that ensued but the owner of both Tesla and SpaceX failed to impress with his words big time. Not only was he vague in terms of descriptions, it was just so hard to try and understand what exactly he was trying to say and why. Did we mention how light he was in terms of details too?

This all took place during his Twitter Spaces endeavor that went live recently called Viva Technology. Here is where the world’s second richest person tried his best to avoid queries regarding particular regulations for AI technology.

Instead, the Twitter chief appeared to be prioritizing more on the significance of AI in the corporate world and also the famous Tesla technology where you can self-drive your vehicles.

Such a system for autopilot is completely reliant upon the world of AI and Elon Musk claims his valuation of such an interesting fad is literally zero and so when such plans don’t end up attaining success, it might result in the most disastrous outcomes ever.

For now, he’s calling the AI outcome as something that’s super positive but there needs to be minimal chance of things going wrong through the help of intelligence from the digital world.

Musk says that getting more moderation for AI is in the interest of the public because they’re all at threat with this type of technology.

But as far as his own thoughts on what the possible solution for such an endeavor could be, he only spoke about greater regulation for Large Language Models including ChatGPT.

We saw how the European Union turned into the initial leading government body to move forward with complex regulations for AI after we saw them approve the AI Act. The latter is the name for a process of regulation through which you can look over such systems and vet those that put the public in danger.

But this just seems to be the first step of a long process and with the Congress currently divided, we’re not going to be visualizing any sort of meaningful action, anytime soon.

Seeing Musk speak about the world of AI in a negative light and how it is in his opinion super disruptive in nature. He says he’d love to be alive to see the AI apocalypse ensue but certainly wouldn’t be the one to help cause this.

During the year’s start, we saw Elon Musk put a full stop terms of advances in the AI world. There were some leading tech names who signed a letter that called for a temporary pause on AI developments such as ChatGPT.

They wished to take out more time to learn about the technology and lay down the risks. But just 30 days after this, we saw him go public with news about a new AI chatbot that would serve as a great competition to ChatGPT. He even unveiled the name to be TruthGPT.

Musk adds that he was not too sure if anyone, other than himself, of course, would agree to pauses. But for the sake of records, he does feel a pause is necessary. Meanwhile, in May of 2023, we even saw the CEO for OpenAI end up in front of Congress to request for more AI Regulation before it was too late.

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