Apple May Remove Jack Dorsey’s Damus App From The App Store Due To Strict Payment Rule

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has been supporting the Damus app for quite some time now but a new report is claiming that the launch of the decentralized platform is in danger, thanks to Apple.

The Cupertino firm may get rid of Damus within a span of two weeks by issuing a ban across the App Store. And the threat is real with no signs of the leading iPhone maker backing down, anytime soon.

The reason appears to be simple. They’re not happy with the way the platform has introduced a strict payment protocol. Only if that’s removed, they’re willing to go ahead with the continuous distribution for Apple users.

The payment protocol is said to give rise to the ease of using Bitcoin technology and transforming it into something that’s super convenient in the world of digital money.

But the platform only recently unveiled a tweet where it claims to be adding a new ban that combines the app’s integration with a format called Lightning where users can exchange bitcoin via direct means and no need for any kind of another app would be required too.

Such payment protocols are called Zaps on the app and Damus says that the iPhone maker was worried that other creators could use this to sell their own content through Apple’s platform.

This is not something new when you come to think of it. The tech giant has been trying long and hard to stop other platforms too who make use of in-app strategies for payments so they can allow for the sale of content without involving Apple. And if you’re wondering why they’d be keen on doing something like this, well, the answer is simple. They would be forced to pay Apple a whopping 30% share.

In one more tweet, Damus had instructed its team that it was necessary to remove the feature called the zap button at the earliest because that is what seems to be the biggest problem for Apple as it does not want people to put out digital content through its platform. But with that being said, Damus was allowing zaps for all profiles only.

The platform is not happy with the decision taken up by Apple and that’s why we’re hearing more reports of Jack Dorsey calling on Apple’s CEO to take notice of the issue and stop it from taking place.

But Apple does not appear like it is in the mood to back down, anytime soon. It hopes to protect all consumers and give them a fair platform so they can conduct all operations that would be in the developers’ best interest too.

Jack Dorsey also expressed his discontent against Apple for confusing post-tipping as a form of sales of digital content. He went on to mention that this is a type of feedback and nothing more than that.

The Twitter co-founder further mentioned how exchanging Bitcoin was a form of global payment for online transactions and it could go on to benefit Apple in huge ways in the future. But by the way, things are going, Apple refuses to back down.

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