Elon Musk Claims He Purchased Twitter To Improve Its Corrosive Effect On Civil Society And Believes Its Working

Tech billionaire Elon Musk was recently seen speaking at a mega-conference in the French capital city of Paris. This is where he shed light on why he purchased the Twitter app, leaving quite a few eyebrows raised after his comments.

Musk claims that the sole purpose was to improve the app’s corrosive effect. In the same way, he hoped to ward off the negative effects that it was having on society.

Today, he hopes to bring about change for human civilization and so far, things are going to plan, he adds. The VivaTech event that was held on Friday had a massive crowd featuring 4000 individuals and that’s where Musk claims he saw so many regular users of this app come up to him and thank him for enhancing their overall web experience.

Similarly, he seemed to be super optimistic about his new CEO that recently took charge of the platform. It was a decision that he feels came at the right moment in time. And if that was not enough, Musk boasted about how the app’s usage is currently really high while stating that most advertisers are back on track or will be coming back to the app soon.

When the world’s second richest person took over this platform, so many advertisers started to flee the platform as they were quite concerned regarding which types of ads would be popping up to which kinds of content. Remember, we’ve been watching the ad revenue of Twitter fall back 50% in March of this year.

Similarly, the company lost two of its top executives who were given the responsibility to head the site and carry out moderation to see if any violent behavior was taking place. Meanwhile, other kinds of content that could be found and subject to moderation included explicitly themed content like abuse and porn.

Quite a few businesses are quite hesitant in terms of marketing products of this kind for obvious reasons. Moreover, we’re hearing so much more about how one ex-advertising executive from NBC wanted to create better relations with the brand and that had to do with putting out ads across the platform.

He joked and mentioned during the speech why he would be spending a staggering amount of money if he was indeed so smart. After all, it does not make sense why anyone would pay this much, he continued.

Next came a discussion about how he is well aware of the negatives linked to AI technology and considering the rate at which it's being adopted in the tech world, things can’t go unchecked for so long.

He reiterated all of the negativity associated with it and if you don’t exercise care and caution while developing AI, you could end up with the most catastrophic scenario in the end.

In the same way, he mentioned how such behavior could be really positive or there might be some major risks worth a mention. Whatever the case may be, it cannot go unnoticed for too long.

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