Twitter Prioritizes Video, Creator, And Commerce Partnerships As Platform Undergoes Major Revamp

Popular microblogging website Twitter has a new CEO and she’s got a new business model in place to revamp the app.

New reports are suggesting how keen Elon Musk and Linda Yaccarino are to introduce some great changes to the company with some new commerce strategies in place. This means prioritizing more on certain elements over others.

So far, it’s been confirmed that video, commerce, and creator collaborations are going to be given top priority by the company as mentioned by Reuters in a recently published report.

As pointed out by the new CEO of Twitter at the start of this month, Twitter informed its own investors how it was busy taking part in some early chats with leading names from the world of politics and those hailing from the entertainment industry. Similarly, it happened to be in talks with those offering news services and those putting out the right modes of payments as well so that potential collaborations can come out with time.

The source who mentioned all of this opted to keep their identity hidden but they added how a private investor's call mentioned it all and that’s enough to understand that there are a lot of exciting things in store.

This new discussion of Yaccarino happened to be her first as the company’s new CEO and she’d now be busy addressing more concerns that people might have regarding Twitter’s future plans.

We know that under the leadership of Elon Musk, things didn’t quite go in the right direction. Moreover, this app was seeing so many firing presses, not to mention critics calling out Musk for his irrational behavior and poor moderation skills.

So many advertisers didn’t wish to see ads pop up next to content that they weren’t a fan of including explicit themed posts. And considering the great level of experience that Yaccarino does have in the world of advertising sales, people are obviously expecting nothing but the best for Twitter.

We know that the world of digital advertising will continue to be a huge priority for the platform and that’s one of the leading ways it hopes to generate revenue. This is news as so many advertising giants opted to pause their ads on the Twitter platform when they saw Musk taking charge of the firm.

Thankfully, the tables have turned and there are no major ad firms putting out a pause. For instance, huge names like McDonalds, Warner Bros, and Walmart are just a few that have resumed with their regular ads through the app and there’s nothing better than fresh business and revenue coming in after a long break.

Speaking to investors, we heard Yaccarino mentioning how advertising has been raised by 40% YoY and that entails health, financial products, packaged products, and even health services.

If you’re still concerned about Musk’s idea of producing a super app similar to the WeChat of China, well, that’s still in the works. It’s yet to be scrapped but now, the company seems to be doing things one step at a time.

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