Apple Has Spent Billions Of Dollars On Its New Headset But Experts Explain Why The Response Is Underwhelming

The WWDC 2023 summit of Apple for developers is done and dusted and we saw plenty of products and unique updates on display.

The most anticipated mixed reality headset called Vision Pro by the leading iPhone maker was unveiled and this was believed to be one of the best face computers to date. But wait, why is the response not what many had been hoping for?

Why are people claiming it to be forgetful? After all, the company has spent tens of billions of dollars on the innovative project. But what’s the deal? Why are face computers not able to leave a lasting mark on the world surrounding us?

The answer to this question is rather simple than complicated. Firms like Apple, Meta, and more have been raving about how to face computers would be the vision of the future and they’re the next best thing. But clearly, they may not have been totally right on this forecast.

The new Vision Pro by Apple that was unveiled this week comes at a staggering price tag of $3500. Before that, we saw Meta’s Quest come forward. But both of these left a lot to the imagination. They just failed to capture that attention and intriguing factor that many had hoped for.

Statistics prove how many people in the US were busy purchasing antennas for their television sets than headsets and that’s news ok. Why are antennas outselling mixed reality headsets when the opposite is supposed to be true.

Right now, we’ve got experts who are asking some questions related to what your thoughts are linked to the headsets that appear dorky in design but give the viewer a great immersive experience. Are they as great as the digital experiences that a regular smartphone provides or not? If not, what’s the point when phones are more cheaper and convenient.

Experts are now putting the focus on how to face computers may not be the next best thing because of several shortcomings.

Not only are they heavy-duty in design but you’ll also notice how they end up making the wearer feel dizzy and sick. Did we mention how the short battery life is a major turn-off? We’re taking just two hours for Apple’s new entity as revealed at the WWDC.

The product is so heavy that it makes the wearer sweaty in no time and the field of vision that’s on display is limited. Not everything that you should be seeing is on display and that can be a problem.

Some are mentioning how this appears to be similar to ski goggles that are high-tech in design. We are still awaiting a product in the form of a high-tech mixed reality headset that not only is easy to wear, lightweight in design, appears super cool and comfortable, and is unobstructed on your facial region. Also, we hope and pray it won’t cost an arm and leg because the current economic situation is proof of how many people are struggling to make ends meet.

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