Apple CEO Admits Using ChatGPT Personally While Expressing Interest In Its Unique Applications

Tim Cook recently sat down for an exclusive interview and that’s where he made some striking revelations that are now making headlines.

The CEO of Apple admitted to using the popular ChatGPT tool and also spoke about how exciting its overall applications were.

During the interview with ABC, Cook added that his firm utilizes a lot of AI in so many of its products. But not a lot of users are concerned or aware of that. They don’t call it out as AI, while similarly delineating how the leading iPhone maker is closely staring at ChatGPT for use in the company’s own system.

Remember, Tim Cook has previously spoken about how so many language models are now present that serve as massive AI tools powering chatbots such as ChatGPT and even Bard. They are all being called out for displaying massive promises but also have some great potential of being biased and putting misinformation on display in certain situations.

The CEO of Apple is also putting out some news about how the firm is setting out plenty of safeguards and even some guardrails for AI that’s not only leading but moving in a swift direction.

Cook adds that when you look at the way things are unfolding at this point in time, you’ll realize how firms need to make some strong and ethical considerations. Moderating behavior is not going to be easy, despite the great progress related to this as that’s how fast things are moving. This is why he feels it’s time firms started taking matters into their own hands and begin regulation.

Tim Cook's long list of comments arises at a time when AI continues to move at a fast pace, not to mention how huge of a fan following and powerful mark it has managed to create in the tech world in such a short span of time.

Tech giants and big names in the world of AI are concerned and have signed up letters to tell individuals that the risks are plenty and that a pause in training is required. On the other hand, a few critics claim that the threats are not as huge as they’re being projected and that’s causing nothing but fear and panic across the board.

Is there a real-life threat to humans and a possible human extinction on the rise, top AI researchers don’t think so. But on the contrary, the pioneers related to the field of AI do think it could occur. So as you can tell, the statements coming out right now are quite skeptical.

The conversation with Tim Cook comes just one day after we observed a notable keynote speech on the subject of technology by Apple’s CEO at the world-famous annual WWDC conference. This is where the Cupertino firm put a long list of new apps and products on display including the much anticipated mixed reality headset called Vision Pro.

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