Google Slapped With Mega $15 Million Penalty For Infringing Audio Software Patents

Top tech giant Google is in hot waters after it was declared guilty of infringing the rights of an audio software firm called Personal Audio LLC.

The Android maker would now be forced to pay a staggering $15 million for this action as was recently declared by the jury from a Delaware court recently. This verdict went public last week and is now sending shockwaves around the tech industry.

Meanwhile, Personal Audio has gone about arguing how Google’s music platform called Play Music even had the option to install playlists, edits, and some navigation that went against patent rights.

The jury was also seen speaking about how the tech giant infringed patents by its own personal means and that could see the judge enhancing awards by nearly three times what the actual figure is for the verdict.

A spokesperson for Google revealed recently how disappointed it was to see the shocking verdict. But the firm is not going to be sitting quietly for too long. They’ve got huge plans in store to make an appeal.

He similarly shed light on how such concerns had to do with products getting discontinued and how it wouldn’t affect any clients involved. On the contrary, the firm called Personal Audio was beyond delighted with the decision that came forward and thanked the judge and jury in the Delaware court for listening to them.

The firm reportedly asked for a leading figure for all the damages incurred and that was 33 million as per the filing made in the courtroom last month.

While it sent out the lawsuit against Google in the year 2015, the location shifted from Texas to Delaware, and hence the delay took place.

Remember, this verdict arose just less than one month after a jury from San Francisco made Google pay $32 million for another lawsuit involving infringement but that was related to property among the organizations regarding smart speakers.

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