99% of Hate Speech Produced By Blue Users On Twitter Fails To Be Removed, New Study Claims

We’ve been told, time after time, that if you’re a Blue Subscriber on Twitter, then you’ll be able to benefit from a series of features that others can’t avail. But who knew one of them would include producing hate speech and not being penalized for it?

Yes, a new study by Center for Countering Digital Hate is shedding light on how Blue users of the Twitter platform are producing hate content but are not being punished for it as their posts remain untouched.

We’re talking figures comprising 99% that’s not deleted and in fact, the authors of a study claim that such posts are really helping to promote paid accounts that revolve around subjects such as racism and even homophobia.

Researchers went about promoting their results that showed how prevalent hate speech was in nearly all tweets of Blue users. And despite the news being made public, we know about how the posts were still up and no accounts were removed.

Such tweets entailed some leading examples linked to controversial subjects like racism, homophobia, and even the topic of antisemitism. Was Hitler right all along? Do LGBT individuals need more iron supplements compared to others? Yes, that’s the sort of content that’s being promoted and people are literally in shock as to what in the world is going on.

Remember, Twitter’s hate content rules keep on getting updated with time and it says that users are advised against carrying out attacks against others. It also says to avoid discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, and even disability. Such tweets were found to be against the app’s policies but the question is why it was still being allowed on the platform?

With Twitter Blue, you pay a certain fee and get the classic blue tick badge to put right next to your username on the app. The price tag is just $8 per month and it happened to be launched last year in the month of December.

We saw tech billionaire and Twitter’s chief mention how the app would certainly be prioritizing those with the blue badge but with such reports coming to light, one must wonder what it’s all about.

Is this really the sort of royal treatment Musk had in mind? Seems like the company has a lot of explanation to do. Do you agree?

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