Striking Allegations Arise Against Amazon’s Ring Camera Including Spying, Security Flaws, And Frequent Hacks (Updated)

Shocking Allegations are being put forward by the FTC against Amazon’s Ring camera including employees spying on customers.

According to a series of court documents that were recently filed, the regulatory body went on to detail how 55,000 American clients fell victim to such hacks in the year 2019.

For those that might not be aware, Target is one of Amazon’s leading firms that provide clients with the best cameras for surveillance purposes. But little did users know that it would come with a major price tag in the form of a security or privacy lapse.

The documents arising from the court spoke of a major complaint and also went on to add a settlement that would need this firm to pay $5.8 million for those people that fell victim to this trap.

Moreover, we saw the FTC allege that the incident arose between the months of June and August while one Ring worker even went as far as seeing thousands of content that was recorded on Ring cameras. It had belonged to nearly 81 different females and that entailed both clients and workers.

When the news went public, the firm fired him. It was all thanks to one colleague of his that saw how he happened to be viewing content belonging to pretty women.

Another Ring employee mentioned how he went out giving cameras to people personally and then saw their video content without ever speaking of consent or having them know about his startling behavior. After getting fired, he stole some of the recorded footage too, the court documents added.

Meanwhile, other allegations spoke about giving cameras to some individuals and then viewing the videos online. These happened to be employees that worked in the customer care and service sector and had unbelievable access to these types of content.

You’d see them watching videos of people who never reached out to them for any form of assistance so they were abusing their role in the firm to watch footage of others. Another report spoke about similar incidents taking place in Ukraine where access was granted to videos belonging to Ring customers.

For now, the number of incidents that have taken place so far is so many that they’ve been uncounted for. It’s not exactly clear how many victims have been affected because that’s how many videos were being taken on. And seeing such sensitive content being abused is beyond many people’s wildest imagination.

Now, proper investigations are taking place after the horrendous news went public.

Update: Ring responded on the situation by stating that, “Our focus has been and remains on delivering products and features our customers love, while upholding our commitment to protect their privacy and security. Ring promptly addressed these issues on its own years ago, well before the FTC began its inquiry. While we disagree with the FTC’s allegations and deny violating the law, this settlement resolves this matter so we can focus on innovating on behalf of our customers.”

Image: Ring

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