Google Is Finally Rolling Out Digital State ID Cards And Driving Licenses For Wallet Users

Search engine giant Google is finally launching digital state ID cards for Wallet users. It’s a feature that Google users have been anticipating for quite some time now and the fact that it’s happening now has people excited.

The company says Wallet users may now be able to add identification cards digitally as well as their driving licenses to Google Wallet. Moreover, they mentioned how people having the Maryland Identification card may even go to save it on the Wallet App or devices having Android 8.0 software or a feature that’s later than this.

The search engine giant adds how the company has been busy testing this endeavor for a while now as we first heard about it in December of 2022. Meanwhile, Maryland even happened to be one of the first few states that brought about the feature for iPhones, in particular the Apple Wallet.

Such new kinds of support would even be up for grabs to several residents in states like Georgia and even Arizona in the next few months. And then there are some additional places that would follow in such footsteps.

Tech giant Google mentioned how it was busy working with a lot of collaborations in many regions of the US as well as those outside the nation. Meanwhile, the Android maker also shed light on how such rollouts would be done in phases and would simply pass on to more places with time.

They similarly wish to collaborate with other places that offer similar initiatives including mobile driving licenses that are related to a state’s readiness and more logistics.

Such updates are going to add abilities to produce digital versions of any kind of card and would end up displaying both QR as well as barcodes for various activities. All that needs to be done are photograph sessions.

But it’s interesting how the Wallet app supports similar activities which depend on third parties who include support for such features. So after such updates, users of the Wallet app can save stuff such as QR tickets, e-commerce, and even slots for parking.

When you’re sticking to such themes, tech giant Google says it’s going to be so much simpler to finish activities like check-ins for travel on devices before reaching the airport or any station of a train.

In other news, we’re hearing more about Google working hard at providing health insurance users with digital means of their insurance cards. This way, they can gain details about the endeavor through their Wallets directly.

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