WhatsApp Is Rolling Out Voice Message Transcripts For Its Users

WhatsApp users are in for a treat as the platform has opted to introduce voice message transcripts.

The news comes after an update was recently shared regarding how the platform was busy testing this feature out in beta. But that appears to have gone as per plan as a widespread rollout begins today.

This new endeavor provides users the chance to attain voice message content in certain situations where they cannot listen to a voice note. Instead, they end up providing a certain degree of flexibility and accessibility in terms of communication.

After having the newest version of the beta for iOS update installed, users claim they can finally have the feature which gets enabled through default settings. And in case you choose to opt out of it, you can always disable it by going to Settings, Chats, and finally to the Voice Message Transcripts.

The company says that this new rollout is secure through E2E encryption as the entire process of transcription begins on the user’s device with the help of language packs.

Therefore, the feature may only be up for grabs to a few users having the latest iOS version with them as this makes use of APIs thanks to iOS 16 which provides permission for apps to process voice messages through local means on a device. Hence, you don’t need to transfer it to external sources.

Similarly, this feature for voice notes also enables users to look for certain types of data found in a message. When voice notes get transcribed, this text would be indexed and that makes it searchable. Hence, if you’re on the lookout for certain kinds of data featuring long voice notes, or you can’t remember which one entails content you’re in search of, you can search for it through relevant keynotes or phrases through the search bar. This way, the transcription ends up getting highlighted in places where the text pops up in a message.

This type of operation can assist users in saving time and making it so much simpler to look up certain details inside a chat.

Moreover, the chance to transcribe such voice notes is up for grabs to some beta testers for now but don’t worry, it’s getting rolled out to others in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open.

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