WhatsApp Android users will soon be able to navigate communities, reply with a quick response while receiving calls, and review privacy checkup

WhatsApp developers are reportedly working on three new updates for Android users. Soon, the Android version will have a community navigation feature along with a reply with text option for incoming calls and a privacy check-up.

Starting off with the community navigation feature, the platform is planning to improve WhatsApp communities. With the introduction of the navigation feature, users will be able to navigate through all subgroups present within the conversation list. The update has been rolled out to some of the beta testing members.

Based on the image shared by Wabetainfo, it can be seen that communities are now listed in an updated manner. The organized list is aimed at offering an improved user experience. Initially, it would become difficult for the users to identify which subgroup belongs to which community, but now that all groups will be listed together, users can easily navigate through them, making it more accessible. Currently, only a pilot audience can test it, and soon it will be released to more testers.

Moving on to the reply with a message feature for incoming calls Just like calls received through the network, in which the receiver can decline and reply with a brief message, WhatsApp users will soon be able to do the same. The feature is meant to make the platform easier to use by offering a quick reply option, which will open up once a user taps on the reply option during an incoming call. The preview can be seen through the snapshot shared on the blogging page. Those who are not able to pick up a call due to any circumstances can utilize the feature. Once again, the pilot variant has been released to a limited number of users and will soon be available to a wider community.

And lastly, a new privacy check-up screen is being added to the application to assist users in reviewing their privacy settings. The screen can be accessed by visiting the privacy section. The screen can provide checkups in four different areas, including who can contact the user, controlling their personal information, adding more privacy to the chats, and adding more protection to the account.

The update is being appreciated for providing a quick review option to users. It is believed that the feature might soon be rolled out.

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