Instagram Experiments With New Option To Assist Brands In Discovering Relevant UGC On The App

Instagram is busy carrying out new tests to try and provide brands with the chance to discover new UGC through its platform. They can then share this as an example to market their goods and services in-stream.

As seen in examples that were shared by one LinkedIn user, the feature has the app encouraging shop managers to include ‘Add user-generated content’ as a great addition to product listings that encourage people to purchase more.

When you click on such a prompt, the app’s system ends up highlighting posts that your specific brand might be tagged in. Therefore, you can associate that with other product listings.

As per a recent notice set out by the platform, users who tag the brand in such a post will allow the brand to ask for permission to feature such goods in the post. Hence, those users that tag the brand will appreciate the fact that your brand is interested in featuring its products in all of their posts. This will enable the content to appear on specific brand-owned locations like the shop on the app or the good’s own PDP.

Meanwhile, brands can then request direct tagging within any type of post where they might be mentioned. There are some exceptions like private accounts and when you have several products tagged at once or in cases where the user turns off the request for permission too.

This might be a great means to gain more UGC and really give brands a chance to take off from this platform. As far as firms seeing a lot of tags is concerned, it might be a huge factor in terms of promoting efforts.

For those that might not be aware, UGC really can affect purchasing behavior big time as more and more people are going to be trusting the experiences of others as compared to marketing campaigns that look too good to be true.

Let’s not forget how there are so many scams in the industry today with an equal number of misleading ads and marketing strategies that make it hard to trust anyone promoting anything now.

Therefore, in such a context, this serves a valuable purpose and fuels legitimacy. So we feel it’s definitely worth exploring and such prompts are now showing up to customized brand account managers on the app.

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