Twitter’s Decision To Replace Musk With New CEO Causes World’s Biggest Ad Agency To Remove The Firm's High-Risk Label

Twitter has a new CEO and she’s none other than Linda Yaccarino from NBC.

The chief of NBCUniversal’s advertising unit is all set to take charge by early next month and so far, it’s proving to be a great decision.

Thanks to sources who recently spoke to the Financial Times, we now know how the world’s biggest advertising agency is no longer calling the platform a high-risk firm. The news comes as sources reported to the Financial Times how GroupM did not hesitate in removing that classification and is now referring to it as a cautiously optimistic company.

The dubious and infamous label of Twitter being high risk came last year in November and that’s when a warning was sent out against purchasing ads across the platform after Musk took on the decision to purchase Twitter.

During that time, the advertising agency spoke about how it had a lot of concerns regarding the long list of verified users seen pretending to be someone else on the app. Let’s not forget how the long list of Twitter executives ended up leaving or getting fired from the firm.

Meanwhile, a host of other leading ad agencies even told their clients to take a break or a pause from spending a lot of money across the app for advertisements during this moment.

As reported by The Financial Times, we’ve been seeing GroupM express a lot of concern on this front for a while now. They’ve been reportedly waiting for a long time under the leadership of Musk to get things back to normal.

For now, we know more about how GroupM is working closely with Twitter to enhance things like brand safety to stop ads from popping up along with content that’s deemed to be problematic.

As of this moment in time, there are no comments being made by the leading advertising agency but we’ll keep you updated on that front.

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