Meta Gears Up To Launch Its New Twitter Competitor With Selected Creators

Meta is making sure it gives Twitter plenty of chances to remain at the tip of its toes after previously announcing the launch of a new app that would seemingly compete with it.

And now, we’re hearing more about Twitter’s competitor inching closer to a launch with several leading creators. Right now, they’re being briefed about how this text-based app from Instagram would be called Barcelona and how exactly it hopes to function.

As can be seen in such pictures that were published by Lia Haberman, such an app is basically another simplified version of this Twitter platform and it’s getting aligned with a feed that’s based on chat.

This change is not something that was done by accident. It was very deliberate and in the recent past, we’ve seen how the chats on this app continue to alter toward the likes of Direct Messages. The main newsfeed is slowly but surely turning into this platform for discovering new things and exploring new endeavors. Moreover, people are trying to move away from the usual posts of the public for something like this.

With something like this launching, such a platform is created to be like huge group chats that nearly anyone can take on and it’s actually quite similar in functioning to Twitter in terms of concept. However, we see how this has a more specific tilt based on the Instagram platform including things such as the username.

Users can even sync followers from their accounts on the Instagram platform and even add updates that based on the text that is nearly 500 characters. Similarly, this will include the addition of images, links, and even videos that last for a good five minutes.

As can be seen in pictures for the main feed, there will be posts seen in-stream where you can reply, react, and even repost as per your liking.

This new platform is getting designed on the likes of a decentralized end and this happens to be Meta’s first-ever solo decentralized project. It confirmed how it would be making users’ profiles more compatible than other rivals in the tech world.

So many people on rival platforms including Mastodon can look for, interact with, and even follow a profile and the content if you happen to be in the public eye. Even if you are private, you can similarly approve those as followers. And this is what allows users to reach some new audiences without the addition of work. Moreover, you can even find creators that are eligible and could be recommended to those that aren’t following them yet.

So as you can probably tell by now, this won’t only be a competitor of Twitter but it would also pave the way to attain Meta’s attempt at aligning with all the various types of usage trends. It can even experiment so well with things such as decentralization and the ability to make use of systems that are more open and work at serving users of the app on so many different fronts.

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