Twitter Wants Academic Researchers To Delete All Of Its Data Or Pay A Fee For API Access

Elon Musk is making sure no one gets access to Twitter’s data for free and his recent crackdown against academic researchers proves that and more.

The tech billionaire has warned all researchers who gained access to the app’s data in the past to delete all the information they have. For that, he has provided them with an ultimatum of one month. And in case they wish to continue getting access, it won’t be coming for free. Instead, they’ll be required to pay a certain amount as a monthly fee.

For a while now, we’ve been seeing so many researchers of these kinds arrive on apps like Twitter to help regulate the disinformation crisis taking place as well as matters linked to hate speech and spreading misinformation. Therefore, Twitter opted to set out a new API that was dubbed Decahose.

This API allowed researchers to get data in bulk and it got 10% of all the app’s posts on a daily basis. It could be attained at either a fee of $200 each month while being free for some.

But then Musk was not happy and in the recent past, we’ve seen the platform raise the prices of API to such a significant degree and it really disturbed the firms and researchers taking part in the app’s best interest.

By February of this year, we heard about another major delay in Twitter implementing a major policy of price hikes and if you wanted data, you’d be paying for it. Some users, including top clients like WordPress, were told to pay a fee each month, which led to them taking a step back and leaving the app.
With time, matters just kept on getting worse. The app did give API under the emergency category a benefit by adding no fee but that happened to be the only exceptional case. A lot of people were not happy and were just upset at the new policy of Musk.

It’s shocking how the fee for academic researchers is $42,000 each month so it gets access to just 0.3% of all posts published on a daily basis. Meanwhile, researchers concluded how the firm would be forcing them to put out screenshots featuring data removal and such offers aren’t too feasible, if you ask us.

It’s important to mention that such claims were also a part of the contract when researchers were seen signing the Decahose. But like other things. Integral components like scrutiny as well as transparency weren’t being welcomed as they were before.

A lot of people are seeing this as a book-burning situation and plenty of people have taken part in studies that showcase what really went on with the platform in the last few years. So seeing this take center stage at this point in time is a huge blow and would affect the app’s transparency too.

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