Elon Musk Makes A Series Of Striking Changes On Twitter And Here’s What Users Can Expect

It’s never a boring day at Twitter with Elon Musk in charge and now, we’re seeing the tech billionaire make a series of changes on the platform.

The company has first opted to enhance the utility section for stock watchers through a new collaboration initiative with eToro. This would end up feeding more contextual data alongside a series of cashtag listings for the app.

As can be seen in this particular example whenever users click on cashtags that have the hashtag replaced with a dollar sign, they’ll be seeing stock movements on display and some more alerts by the system.

This particular movement of stock was up for grabs for a small number of firms since the month of December began last year but we can see how it’s opting to grow more.

In the past, a small fraction of users witnessed pricing charts that entailed several financial assets when it was searched through cashtags. Today, the app takes immense pride in supporting a staggering number of cashtag searches and we’re talking nearly 4.6 million.

A lot of users are informed about what’s going on in the industry and how that may affect any portfolio’s value. And that’s great news for Twitter as even youngsters are relying on this website to get the latest details on this front.

Next up. Elon Musk has stayed true to his promise of including two more video updates on the app. And they’re rolling out today.

The first feature is very unique and much needed, called PIP Playback. So that means users of the platform can keep on viewing clips while scrolling through the app. As you can imagine, it’s going to be a breeze now to multitask for users as they can continue to read tweets on the app while a video is being played in the background.

It might be the first variation of its kind that introduces this platform as a single source for both entertainments as well as information. And Twitter has been working hard to try and make its mark in that regard for a while now.

You can better understand it as an offering that’s called second screening and it’s a key trend that many users cannot get enough of. But over the years, we’ve seen Twitter struggle with this endeavor and not make the most of such behaviour where several inputs are involved.

The second experiment that Twitter is doing is related to a new native feature for video downloads on the app. It’s all very new but a feature that many users have been requesting for quite some time now.

We are certainly seeing this as some kind of value addition in terms of display and production.

Last but not least, Musk is putting out the idea that he may not be interested in carrying forward Twitter Circles. A possible shutdown might be on the cards soon as he agreed with one user that it was the epitome of bad chat groups.

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