ChatGPT Becomes Highest Performing New App Release With 500,000 Downloads In Its Initial Six-Day Launch Period

A new study is shedding light on the growing success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT endeavor.

Despite the fact that it was initially only up for grabs on iOS and in the US, we’re seeing some startling new figures unveiled in new research. And as one can expect, the makers could not be happier with the figure.

It’s a wonderful start and one that’s unveiled when we’re seeing the program gets expanded to 11 more international destinations around the globe. Today, it’s gone ahead and crossed the 500,000 download figure in the starting six days, ever since it was launched.

This is all thanks to statistics provided by DataAI who is a known provider of key findings in the world of digital trends.

So it would not be wrong to mention that this platform is now being hailed as the leader in terms of highest performance and app launches for both this year and the previous one. The only time we saw it get beaten was in February of 2022 and that too by Donald Trump’s Truth Social Platform.

As explained by consumers, all AI chatbots are the need at this moment. There are plenty of platforms on the App Store that are calling themselves ChatGPT and they are fake. They just want people to pay them while failing to provide the same services as ChatGPT would. But still, consumers are spending on it like there’s no tomorrow.

The competition is tough and the landscape is very interesting and you’ll find so many chatbots that are AI-themed here and these have made way for a difficult market for apps to gain more fame and popularity. But clearly, that was not the case in this particular situation.

ChatGPT ended up outperforming so many of its leading rivals and had some of the biggest names in the industry on the list like Bing from Microsoft and Edge too. Their links to third parties and the GPT-4 technology cannot be missed as well.

While Bing and Microsoft Edge ended up benefiting the great interest people had in the likes of platforms including ChatGPT during its initial launch, we saw a staggering 340k installations arise during just the starting five days of the launch in the US when it was just based on iOS technology.

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