Twitter Puts New Visual Display To The Test As It Restores Free API Access To Emergency Services Among Other Changes

Twitter is testing out a new range of visual elements including a user profile video tab as the company shifts focus to reshaping user experience under the leadership of Elon Musk.

The tech billionaire noted how video needs to be very specific in terms of enhancements and that entails different options for monetization for its line of creators.

He feels the app has what it takes to compete with the likes of YouTube and that offers the best direct connections while ensuring greater revenue sharing thanks to ads. But the catch is that it really does need to work.

For starters, the platform is exploring different means to present media content across user profiles and that may assist in bettering the whole video experience. As could be seen in examples put out by Twitter designers, the app is on the move to enhance the display across user profiles so it sets out a new Instagram-like grid that makes the whole experience so much more engaging.

This event gives rise to a video tab idea that Musk claims are going to be coming soon. In the same way, he is putting out new in-app tabs for such content like the streams of videos seen across the TikTok app. This way, users can scroll through with ease and put out the best videos in real time. And while the app did explore that in the past, this is more innovative.

Then in 2021, we saw the company put out a new trial for full-screen feeds across its Explore tab. This set out greater emphasis on videos.

The firm shelved such experiments, right before we saw tech billionaires take over but there was a clear renewed focus across videos. It was seen making a huge comeback and we have seen Musk roll out old concepts with the aim of bettering user engagement.

This went on to feature another test that the app was on the lookout to launch including pictures having long tweets. This can be increased by 10,000 characters.

As can be witnessed through another example, the subscribers for this Twitter Blue can now add images across bigger tweets so they would seem similar to blog posts. Similarly, it would be like the app’s long-form option that had been shelved in the past.

H/T: Jane Manchun Wong
The next main focus of the app appears to be monetization of long content which the company did by relaunching its option for subscriptions. Moreover, the app referred to it as Super Follows and it’s now looking at it to get more subscribers that would enhance their monetization based on their following.

As a part of this new format, it covers the expenses linked to the company’s staff who ended up offering subscriptions to the app’s creators and would assist in creating the right hype. Similarly, it’s considering new counts for subscribers that put different content on display and better engage the audience.

Furthermore, Elon Musk is finally going back on his own terms of removing free API access for emergency services that helped in providing alerts linked to weather, emergency services, as well as alerts for traffic.

The app was seen charging for this API so firms and government-owned groups would now have to pay a hefty cost that started at a whopping $42,000 a month. And as you can imagine, many were willing to opt-out.

Last but not least, thanks to a leading social media expert, Jane Manchun Wong, we’re hearing about the Twitter app including more images toward the middle section of long-form tweets. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see blog-styled posts pop up on feeds from now on.

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