Two new updates are on the way for desktop and WhatsApp business users

WhatsApp’s developers have been actively working on new updates for its users. According to WBI, the platform is now working on two more updates, one for the Android OS and the other for Windows users.

Starting off with the Windows version, soon, users will be able to play voice notes outside of their conversations. While it may not be something new for Android or iOS users, soon Windows users will be joining them.

The feature is aimed at providing a better experience by allowing the audience to multitask while listening to long voice notes. Users can continue conversations with others while listening to a voice message. As a result, they won’t be bound to stay in one conversation as long as the message is playing.

The testing version has been rolled out to some of the users, and soon it will be available globally.

Moving on to the second upcoming feature, Campaign Messages, which will be released on the business variant of WhatsApp, The feature is aimed at creating interaction between small businesses and their respected audience through campaigns.

Based on the picture posted on the WBI blog post, it can be seen that businesses will be allowed to generate messages for any of the respected campaigns for brand promotion. It will save the time of the account handler, who initially would have to send such campaign messages individually, but with this feature under development, they will be able to share them simultaneously with multiple clients. However, it is believed that it may not be available to all and will be offered via a paid service.

It is still in the early stages, and the pilot version is yes to be shared, but it will be available at any time. The officials have not shared any insight on the feature; hence, no information is currently available about how the feature is exactly going to work. In order to test it, business owners would have to wait some time so they could finally get their hands on it and see for themselves.

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