Success For Elon Musk As FDA Approves His Brain Implant Firm Neuralink For Human Trials

Elon Musk may not have had the best success with Twitter but the billionaire is surely celebrating the great milestone Neuralink achieved today.

The world’s second-richest person says he is beyond ecstatic after his famous but controversial brain implant company called Neuralink achieved a green light approval by the FDA today.

It’s major news after many regulatory bodies including the FDA itself mentioned in the past how it was struggling to come to terms with the idea of installing microchips in human brains. But now, the tables have been turned and things are working well in Musk’s favor as the idea would be implemented in the first human trials of its own.

It’s a huge milestone of success as years of hard work and debate have arisen on the project but seems like it just might be starting to pay off.

The idea is to use revolutionary technology to treat some of the world’s most devastating human illnesses such as blindness and even the likes of paralysis.

While the firm first came into existence in the year 2016, we saw it achieve approval in the year 2022. But again, a lot of people appeared awfully skeptical about the entire thought process.

Even now, it’s not a bed of roses. There are plenty of concerns related to Neuralink and how it needs to get addressed before it actually starts with the research involving humans as sources familiar with the firm were seen mentioning.

Some of the top issues were linked to the presence of lithium batteries seen inside devices and it’s the possibility of that linked to the electrical activity of the brain that has people worried for obvious reasons. Moreover, there is another major issue linked to removing the device safely and not damaging the tissue of the brain, along the way.

The approval by the FDA arrives at a time when lawmakers in the US urged regulatory firms to double-check whether or not the panel taking care of this entire ordeal was even capable of making the right decisions or not. They also wished to see if they were rushing to conduct a trial or if the firm was making use of botched maneuvers to get desirable results.

As it is, the firm that comes under the leadership of Elon Musk has already faced plenty of federal investigations.

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