These Are The Stickiest Social Media Apps in 2023 As Per Sensor Tower Data

In this digital age, we heavily rely on apps for almost everything, whether we’re looking for entertainment, connections, information on anything at all, or even home automation. Nowadays, we have all types of apps available with a wide variety of options to choose from, to aid us in every part of life. How do we know which apps are the best option for us?

The apps that keep users engaged with their splendid software, resources, and variety of functions and features. These types of apps are called sticky apps that the users keep coming back to. To measure the stickiness of any app it is dependent on how frequently the users engage and return to the app and how long they remain active within it.

Hearing this, a lot of apps come to mind but which ones are statistically the most beloved around the globe? App stickiness is important to determine exactly that, the more user engagement, revenue, and retention, the more likely it is for the apps to be the user’s favorite. This measuring of apps helps developers also analyze, improve, and shape their creations to fit better the users' needs and ultimately, help developers and users enjoy better and evolved apps

The Sensor Tower’s Power User data revealed Instagram to be the most sticky of all the apps. This social media app has 44 percent of its users opening the app every day in February 2023. In the second place, TikTok users frequently visit the app bringing it to 33 percent, whereas Facebook is at 31 percent, followed by Snapchat with 28 percent, and last on our list; Twitter with 20 percent.

Instagram being the top choice of users at this time, has reached heights of success that can be attributed to its legacy features, such as the photo and video feed, stories, reels, and messaging. Reels is a new feature introduced by Instagram that gained popularity among its users in merely a short amount of time.

By creating an app that provides a valuable and enjoyable user experience, apps can increase their stickiness and win users over time. This can result in increased user retention, engagement, positive referrals, and ultimately, revenue growth. Instagram and other apps on this list have one thing in common; that is that they focused and improved based on reviews, user experience, and retention rate, and gained millions of satisfied users as well the title of the “stickiest” apps.

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