Twitter Takes Another Step In Video Development With The Launch Of New Playback Speed Controls

The Twitter app is getting some new and exciting speed controls for some of its videos on the platform.

Clearly, the news signals the company’s latest step toward the development of videos which has been a part of its strategy for a while now. It comes just days after we saw the company’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino take charge.

The platform has already set out uploads linked to videos of longer duration so that Blue subscribers may benefit. This would arise with the likes of better quality options for variety in playbacks. Interestingly, now users can benefit from more speed controls that provide users with a lot more control than before in terms of controlling the whole video experience.

A new example was set out by tech billionaire Elon Musk’s close pal and fellow advisor. This is where Jason Calacanis shows how users can make the most of the variety on display in terms of a range of speech controls that can now be selected through a video player.

Meanwhile, long-duration videos are deemed to be so much more important and that’s very true in terms of chats and other video-related content that users might want to witness at a greater speed. Similarly, the app does note how slow speed for some content is always great so it’s working on that right now and hopes to include that into the company’s drive to push more video-related content for users.

Tech billionaire Elon Musk could be seen flagging some more great and exciting options for videos really soon too. These are going to be rolled out for users in the next few weeks and would include some more exciting features.

Common examples include playback support for picture-in-picture styles. This would enable users to keep on watching a post while they continue to scroll the feed. On the other hand, there will be transcripts produced on an automated basis for all kinds of video posts. Furthermore, the popular microblogging app hopes to add a new tab that’s solely dedicated to the accounts of users on the platform with more options to download video posts.

There is no news on when we’ll be getting these features for sure but one thing we know is that it’s coming very soon and that’s aligned with Musk’s timing, considering where the app stands now.

Back-to-back updates are being launched by the platform at a quick pace and clearly, focusing on video-based posts and content is the number one goal it appears.

Linda is reportedly going to take on the new position of CEO of Twitter by the latter part of next week. And remember, video happens to be one of her favorite and skilled areas of interest. So we can see a lot of progress being done in this sector.

As it is, Musk has set out his goals for the company as one that’s not restricted to being just a social media app. Instead, he‘s seeing the platform as one that serves as the best arch-rival to other online news outlets.

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