American Trust In Media 2023: Which News Outlets Are Most Reliable For Information In The US

With misinformation running at an all-time high around the globe, it makes absolute sense as to why some people are really skeptical about trusting media outlets in today’s time.

And when we look at the picture in the US, the divide is very visible among both the Republicans and the Democrats. Not everyone feels the same about the media world and which news sources can be relied upon the most.

In 2022, we saw YouGov unveil the results of a poll that surveyed Americans about where they got their news sources from and how much they really did trust the 22 very visible media organizations out there. And this year, the firm opted to do the same by questioning Americans about how much they really trust in things like social media, broadcast, print, digital, and more. Out of a staggering 56 responses, the answers were recorded and we’ve got them for you below.

The respondent was questioned about how much they trust, distrust, or do not trust and distrust the various kinds of media outlets on display. From such a result, it’s quite possible to see which outlet’s total trust score came out to be high or low. The former had to do with much likely Americans were toward mentioning if outlets were trustworthy or very reliable as compared to not being trusted at all or very unreliable.

Among all the various options on display, it's the Weather Channel that continued to be the most trusted source for news of them all in the US. To help give you a better picture about this, US citizens were 53 points more liable to call the channel trustworthy than unreliable. And it’s also the only one where more Democrats referred to it as a reliable source than the Republicans.

Meanwhile, the Republicans displayed a lot of trust in the media outlet Fox News. In terms of the national rankings on display, after the Weather Channel, it was PBS, and then BBC which was trusted a lot, and then the Wall Street Journal. And it’s interesting to note how the top four most trustworthy sources were the same as last year, despite more additions being added to this poll in 2023.

Moving on to the world of social media, younger American citizens claimed to have more trust in the news published by 11 social media apps than adults.

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