The World’s Most Downloaded Apps For April 2023 Revealed

A new month means a new beginning but it also marks the chance to glance over the previous month’s performance. And today, we’re taking a look at the most downloaded apps on the Google Play Store and App Store for April 2023.

It’s time for analysts to crunch up the figures and rank the apps as the most installed platforms by users from all over the world. And we’d just like to inform you that there were not any major surprises.

The news comes to us thanks to App Intelligence who did a great job at laying down the statistics regarding the matter. The numbers have been crunched and they’re being ranked as per the most downloaded applications so let’s take a look!

Instagram isn’t very interesting as there are no surprises related to how it’s the most downloaded application around the globe. The same was true for March and we’re seeing it be the same for April as well.

The month of April ended with a staggering 44 million new figures for downloads from the Apple App Store as well as the Play Store by Google. But right behind that was TikTok and as expected, it was great to see its sibling Facebook ending the month on another high with just 38 million downloads.

Both Instagram and arch-rival TikTok has been a couple for quite some time now so we were forced to see through the most downloaded articles in which period they weren’t associated with one another and the very close competition they included. And that went as far back as the year 2021 March.

But do not worry, the app was close behind Facebook and that had nearly 37 million downloads across April, thanks to estimates provided.

Both WhatsApp and CapCut were rounded out of the leading five apps for the month of April across both of these stores and that added a staggering 31 million and 27 million for users in both of these pools as per the recent estimates.

CapCut is really trying hard to make it big and we’re seeing it rise to dominance for quite some time now. And there is a very good reason why. This video editor is making waves in the market that has a lot of cash and there are not too many competitors out there today.

Others like Splice and Facetune are also present but CapCut may really win the race and take them over, thanks to the competition provided by TikTok.

It was revealed how April really brought great success for CapCut as it turned out to be the most downloaded application from the App Store and more than 50% of its downloads happened to be from there.

With time, it was slowly but surely in the charts for revenue too. And we do feel it could make it up big in terms of dominance and be much ahead of others during the summertime.

Other than this app called CapCut, April was not too interesting. Both Meta and Android maker Google were leaders across the list and we do expect that to happen.

Meanwhile, the estimates did also prove how the top ten most installed applications around the globe were seen making their way toward 270 million devices in the month of April. That’s a huge 12% decline from the month of March and it’s quite noticeable if you ask us. Clearly, not a lot to hide in that regard.

With May arriving, it’s going to see if trends remain the same or if some major changes do come forward.

H/T: App Figures

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