Facebook’s Paid Online Event program is being terminated by Meta

Facebook’s paid online event service is coming to an end, as Meta the parent company of the platform, has decided to shut it down. The service was known for letting content creators as well as brands earn revenue from organizing online events. Viewers were required to pay in order to enter the online event.

Three years ago, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was rolled out globally to assist business accounts in growing their businesses as well as give creators more opportunity to earn from the platform. However, things have started to change as Meta has decided to spend more time addressing the problems faced by content creators.

According to the platform, as the world is changing, such online paid events are now a thing of the past. According to one of the officials, with creators now preferring meeting their viewers personally instead of hosting online events, the company is shifting its focus to solving the issues faced by the creator community. The program will no longer be available starting next month, and if anyone wants to host any such event, they only have time until May 8.

Initially, at the time of the program’s introduction, it was announced that all of the money generated by any creator would be kept by the creator and that the platform wouldn’t charge any fees. The announcement was repeated over the next three years, but at the end, Meta decided to put an end to the service.

It won’t be the first time any such service has been made unavailable. With short video content starting to get famous, Meta decided to discontinue the live shopping program and start working on a new video format for content. However, Facebook is not the only platform where such features are being removed. Clubhouse, an audio chat room application, experienced a similar action when fifty percent of its employees were fired by the company.

All that’s left to see is what steps Meta will be taking in order to achieve its new goal of assisting creators with the problems they have been facing and if any other services will be taken down in the future.

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