2023 Is Proving To Be A Strong Year For Twitter As Mobile Revenue Peaks Despite Fall In Downloads

It appears tech billionaire Elon Musk’s prayers of turning Twitter into a profitable platform are surely working. The company has displayed a strong performance in 2023 and we’re listing some key findings to keep our readers informed.

2023 saw the app celebrate a new high for revenue generated through smartphones. The last time we saw this, it was March when the platform hit a massive all-time high. And April was no less with Musk and his team of investors not having much to complain about.

While the app’s paid Blue subscriptions aren’t where many would have liked them to be, this will surely do. But where is all this revenue coming from and which direction does it appear to be taking.

Well for starters, it’s definitely moving high. As per recent reports from App Intelligence, we’re seeing the Twitter App Store do great in terms of revenue. There is immense growth this month and it has hit new peaks. Think along the lines of the figure going up to $3.5 million and that is net which means after Apple is allowed to keep its share. How’s that for some great news?

Moreover, the new haul is nearly 14% greater than what was witnessed in the month of March and that is clearly some huge growth that Musk wouldn’t be minding. While we agree there is yet to be any form of speed records being broken, this is definitely healthy and so much better than what we saw from the company before Elon Musk’s $44 billion mega-investment.

Elon Musk can be awfully controversial in his decision making but a lot of tech experts would feel that it’s still not the same if there were advertisers on board and we agree. But growth is growth and you’ve got to accept the facts as they arrive, right?

When you look at the overall revenue for Twitter, it’s awfully interesting. But there is a lot of focus on the app’s revenue due to the simple fact that the journey is very new for apps like Twitter and is bound to serve as an ideal template for other firms in the industry.

As the year goes on, we’re seeing the firm’s mobile revenue grow further by 118% as per recently published estimates. But wait, there’s a catch and most people would agree with how this might be just 50% of the scenario. The rest is yet to come.

The news is not so great as far as the app’s downloads are concerned. The trend here is moving in a decline and as per recent estimates from Twitter’s iOS application, it made its way into the staggering 3.8 million figure for iOS devices for the month of April.

Twitter is quite popular on the Android application but seeing it align so well in terms of where revenue arises must make you think twice because it’s the Apple App Store that is doing all the talking in terms of success.

There is a huge number of downloads and while it's a tad bit slower than what we saw in March and the previous months, the increase in revenue just might compensate for it, or so we hope.

For now, we are trying hard to ignore politics and working more around what Elon Musk’s next plan could be for the app’s success. Remember, people are watching very closely and no one wants another bad decision to affect this success rate.

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