Snapchat Rolls Out New And Improved AR Tools As App Celebrates 200 Million User Milestone In India

Snapchat appears to be on a roll as it recently launched a long list of enhanced features for its AR initiative.

The firm has opted to collaborate with leading lifestyle brand OPI for a unique project that entails a nail polish trial endeavor on this particular app. Moreover, such a Try-On process would enable users to play around with various nail polish shades launched by the brand through its camera.

There’s a part called Nail Segmentation and it’s definitely updated with some interesting things seen on the platform’s AR toolkit. And before we forget to mention, this is not the first time that we’ve heard about the app putting out nail polish trials for users to benefit from. It’s been done before but now, the advances have given rise to some great realistic offers that put such products on display through AR technology on the platform.

The firm was seen speaking on the matter previously and it revealed how applying nail polish in a 2D effect manner that goes on users’ fingernails is just a great way to get a feel and look at what to experience in real life.

Be it color, texture, detail, and more- brands can add quite a bit of detail and even track the hues via individual nails. So what you end up with is a seamless trial experience for all clients.

As you can imagine, it just opens up a plethora of new opportunities in the world of marketing and also builds the app’s presence through its Try on Tools. The goal is to facilitate some great interactions throughout the entire exploration phase.

This is just one great example of how keen the social media firm is on bettering its AR segment so that it can continue to take on a leading role in this space. One integral component related to this has to do with the ARES platform that allows other firms to combine AR technology into various platforms, locations, and web pages.

With the app working toward bettering its AR features, this platform would further become enhanced and it would assist in keeping Snapchat at the top of its game in terms of this mega shift in AR. And that’s even if it cannot roll out some variations in the field of AR-themed glasses. Remember, the firm has long been hailed as the leader for AR and it’s not planning on losing that title anytime soon.

The news comes as the company celebrates a wonderful milestone of reaching 200 million subscribers in the Indian nation. Clearly, this marks the country as the app’s strongest market and one that it does not plan on losing or disappointing anytime soon.

When you compare it to statistics in other places like North America, it’s half as much as the popularity seen in India and a little less when looking at the figures in Europe. But we have to say it’s interesting, considering India was the first nation to ban the TikTok app.

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