Google Will Look Very Different In 2033 As Search Would Be Replaced By Conversation, DeepMind Co-Founder Claims

The rise of AI has seen a lot of new developments take center stage in the tech world. And while some may have been appreciated, others are raising eyebrows.

Today, another shocking prediction was seen coming forward from the co-founder of DeepMind. He claims that the classic search box that Google is famous for would cease to exist, in a decade’s time. Instead, the focus would be on engaging in conversations.

The statement came from Mustafa Suleyman today who says the world needs to brace itself for some major change. But the question is why do we care so much or why should we care so much?

Well, the answer is simple. Google’s AI search is a major signal to us all that big things are coming soon and the shift is one that cannot be avoided. Yes, things will take time but it’s happening and it would really alter the way we’re seeing the search engine shape the online world and several byproducts like PPC and SEO.

There is a very clear cup search dialogue in store here and it’s so painful how chats are taking place at this moment in time. Google mentioned how it keeps on learning through the responses that people click on and how much time they’re spending on websites. This would include details on whether or not it would be coming back toward search to refine things or not.

Remember, the search engine giant is known for rewarding the likes of engagement and not just answers. Moreover, Google continues to alter content production in a manner that provides ad optimization and gives out benefits to content creators that continue to ensure users stay on a page for a longer time duration.

Google is able to give its users exactly what they need in the shortest time span. They’re trying to make the world of Search simpler with snippets that feature the solution of their query. However, most occasions prove to us that it’s all just high-quality things on Google that are getting the right engagement.

The co-founder of DeepMind says the point time is near when we will not be thinking about how to alter a particular query. It’s all going to be about talking to computers directly as that’s a new type of interface. And it’s worrisome that we won’t be having the same Google ten years from now that we have at this point in time.

The change won’t be something we see taking place overnight but it would happen in its due time. Now the topic of discussion is one that we’ve seen Google’s CEO engage in the past too. When asked about his thoughts on a search that’s based on links coming to an end, he failed to agree. He said the entire experience would alter with time in the next ten years but it’s important to meet the needs of users and get them what they’re in search of or else they’ll be leaving the platform soon.

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