New Anti-Malware Testing Report Names Microsoft’s Defender, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, And Total Defense As The Best Against Web Threats

The evolving world of technology means saying hello to new kinds of threats on the web and that’s why researchers are always on the lookout for the best ways to keep users safe.

This past week, we witnessed AV-TEST unveiling an assessment report for this year’s start. And that is where it was found that the company did fairly well at detecting malicious files. And that too, with a low false positivity rate. But when it came down to performance impact, the score was far from impressive.

The leading firm is setting out its own report for the period of Feb to March of this year. It took into consideration the great threats from the web and also happens to be quite dissimilar to the test designed for malware protection.

The results were certainly in Microsoft’s favor as the computational giant’s Defender ended up barring 100% of the samples tested and that only had false positives that came out to be just two in number. As a whole, 260 live tests were observed, and that in turn reveals how the percentage of false positives is close to nil.

In terms of which firm had the most flawless results in this particular test, it was Kaspersky. The famous anti-virus manufacturer that hails from Russia ended up blocking 100% of all such threats and each of those had just one fake positive result.

Moreover, others including Total Defense had really done a great job in terms of performance and it was able to restrict 100% of the growing threats. Each of those only had one false positive.

Moving on to those that performed the worst and had the highest number of false positives were names such as Trend Micro. It produced a staggering 27 figures for false positives while in second place, Panda stood with around 19. The latter also ended up poorly blocking some of the test cases.

Such reports are designed to help businesses get ahead of the game by blocking out all threats and any targeted attacks. This is one of the main reasons why experts feel great endpoint protection should turn out to be the basis of users’ online protection.

For now, the companies listed above are doing a great job but who knows, there might be others that withstand the test of time in the future.

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