AI-Generated News Sites Exploding in Number

In an unprecedented move, the number of AI-generated content sites have more than doubled in just two weeks, as spotted by NewsGuard.

Two weeks after benchmarking the number of AI-generated news and information sites at 49, NewsGuard has updated the figure to 125 - a 155 percent increase. This rapid growth is due to economic motives for seeking advertising revenue with monotonic news stories, as these sites are published in at least ten languages, including, Arabic, Chinese, English, French and more.

These AI-generated sites often use stock images and generic articles copied and pasted from other sources. These stories frequently need fresh ideas and continually try to trick readers into accepting exaggerated assertions or erroneous information. Readers should be aware of these questionable sources of information as a result.

Regarding assisting readers in identifying problematic internet information, NewsGuard takes its responsibilities very seriously. They offer ratings on more than 5500 websites, which assist readers in determining whether or not the website they are reading is trustworthy. To help consumers decide whether websites are good sources of factual information, they also thoroughly study each website.

In light of this rapid growth in AI-generated news sites, readers must remain vigilant when consuming online media. By using fact-checking platforms, you can ensure you are not being misled by false claims or manipulated into believing inaccurate information.

NewsGuard warns against visiting recently discovered news and information websites since they frequently publish poorly written items and contain untrue statements. Through ad tech placements, these websites, which go under names like iBusiness Day and Daily Time Update, pretend to be reputable news sources while maximizing advertising revenue.

This development is fueled by the expansion of AI-generated content in the secretive programmatic advertising sector, sometimes unintentionally financed by companies and ad agencies. If a website's content is produced mainly by AI, with little to no human monitoring, and without clear disclosure that this is the case, NewsGuard classifies the website as UAIN.

By reading from reputable sources and taking extra precautions when visiting unknown websites, readers can ensure they are not being manipulated through AI-generated content. NewsGuard's rating system helps to identify sites that may be exploiting readers and those that adhere to journalistic standards. Knowing which sites to trust is essential for making informed decisions about consuming news and information.

Illustration: Pikisuperstar/Freepik

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