Microsoft Rolls Out New Bing Chat Without A Waitlist For Those Who Download Its Edge Browser

If you happen to be a fan of the new Microsoft Bing chatbot but still haven’t quite managed to get a hold of it, thanks to the big waitlist, well, we’ve got some great news for you.

The software giant is rolling out the new Bing without any waitlist attached. This would be for all those that have the Edge browser installed.

Just to give you an idea about how popular this venture is, well, that’s linked to more than half a billion individual chats being conducted across Bing Chat since it was carried out a whopping three months back.

But the question is why this is being called out as new? Is there really something that we might be missing here? And the answer is yes!

For starters, there’s no waiting list. So you don’t have to worry about attaining the limited preview. Instead, you’ll only get an open preview. So at the end of it all, you’ll attain some more visual answers for the Bing Chat that entails rich pictures and some great videos.

Similarly, you’ll see some multi-session experiences on offer that entail great chat histories and some persistent chats inside the Edge browser as well. Lastly, Microsoft says you can benefit from more developer access to create third-party applications across the new Bing Chat.

Digging down deep into what each feature means, we’ve written out some interesting details over here. For starters, there is no more waitlist. The Bing Search has gotten rid of it so it accesses the Bing Chat and still, you need it to make use of the browser, the Edge, and also the mobile app of Bing so that you can access the Bing Chat.

Similarly, you even need to get logged into the account of Microsoft while using Bing Chat as it’s seen in the Edge Browser as that’s needed for it to function.

The Bing Chat is certainly more visual and now, it’s updating the responses within the Bing Chat to be more appealing visually by enhancing formatting and the total layout. This just adds richer pictures and videos and even adds charts with graphs that are relevant.

Now, users will similarly benefit from the app’s Image Creator. This is up for grabs in different languages that entail nearly 100 different kinds, which is just a good idea of how things are now becoming so much more visual.

The company adds how the new Edge has been redesigned to enable a chat display that is better and more visual in the appearance of formats. This entails some streamlined looks with rounder edges, organized containers, and visual elements that are partly transparent.

Bing Chat can also give users answers by adding pictures as a part of the chat for easier understanding of the system. After updating the image, the chat would search online for something similar, giving users exactly what they want in no time.

Microsoft says it’s also making Bing’s capabilities greater for long-form documents, across both the PDF as well as the HTML format design.

We’ve also been hearing for so long how the software giant has been on the move to add chat history for so long. Finally, Bing Chat is getting this feature too, thanks to Microsoft. Users will be able to make use of it and pick up from where you last left off your document or work. Then, users would also be able to go back to previous chats seen across the app’s search history.

So as you can see, there are plenty of new and exciting changes in store for users, thanks to Microsoft.

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