Bard AI Is Coming To Android Soon As Google Vows To Make It Exclusive For Pixel Devices First

Google is on the lookout for providing its Android users with easy access to Bard AI.

The news comes as the company revealed how it wished to gain access to Bard AI with the help of a new widget that could be seen across the home screen on Pixel devices. So be it a smartphone or a tablet device, users can now greatly benefit from AI technology on their devices.

So as you can see, Pixel is going to be exclusively treated for now as the launch is very initial but with time, we don’t see why the tech giant won’t be including other Android devices too at another point in time.

This report comes forward thanks to 9to5Google who mentioned how they sought the information through reverse engineering and that the code revealed how Bard was coming to Android soon.

For now, there is very scarce information on this matter including the actual launch date and how exactly the launch would take place. But this source does end up taking a huge stab regarding what Bard AI across Android would appear as.

Some feel it might be popping up in the form of its own application while others have doubts about that and feel it would simply be launching as a tiny homescreen widget. There is some news on how it might get integrated across the Google Search application and regardless of what form it comes in, it would be providing a wonderful experience that navigates through the Google Bard website.

This source was also seen speculating how Google Bard’s sudden implementation across Android would be a little more than a simple shortcut for the service. And there might even be a section that gives users the chance to provide suggestions for things like prompts that arise before adding users to an actual application.

One part that happens to be clear at this moment in time is a code that clearly displays what is being created exclusively for pixel devices at this moment in time.

So many codes continue to pop up and many aren’t even true or a sudden change of plan might arise. Whatever the case might be, we’ll keep you updated on this front.

For those who might not be aware, the entire Google Bard fiasco is just a trial and it’s yet to be up for grabs to the public. But those that are interested might be willing to sign up and get on that waitlist as this product is currently in the preview phase.

Th4e world of AI has truly become a huge and trending topic since the past year and it’s all thanks to new chatbots and AI tools like Bing, ChatGPT, and Bard arising,

The technology is still in its early phase but the glimpses that are on offer so far are mindblowing. So many firms are scrambling to go and grab a hold of this, understand it better, and combine it with their services on offer.

It’s great but that does not mean it’s error-free. And by the way, things are getting unfolded at this point in time, people are more concerned about the issues and problems that arise with it.

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