Apple CEO Says There’s Great Potential In AI But Many Issues That Need To Be Resolved

The CEO of Apple has been praising the world of AI with claims about how it possesses so much potential that cannot be ignored.

The company mentioned in Q2 of 2023 on Thursday how AI was bringing in huge benefits and completely transforming the world but with that being said, countless issues still persist. And we needed to have them resolved sooner than later.

Cook called out generative AI as a huge realm that has plenty of issues and that’s why we’re seeing so many concerns arise regarding this ordeal.

The news comes as the tech giant’s CEO took on a call with his team of investors regarding how strongly he felt about the great potential of AI. It was not a surprise to see him not offer any words on the potential of product roadmaps. However, he did admit how it had a lot to offer but that was very interesting because of the issues linked to it.

This executive even listed down some interesting achievements of Apple in this particular segment like technology designed to make features such as Crash Detection and the Detection of Failures. Then we’ve got the likes of ECG from Apple’s Watch too. All such things are great and they’re even turning out as saviors of people’s lives too, the CEO adds.

In terms of AI platforms, ChatGPT is capable of producing great things like pictures, text, and audio, as the CEO of Apple mentioned how plenty of issues continue to arise and they need to be sorted.

It’s being discussed in so many places and he feels the tech giant looks at AI as this huge realm that he hopes to continue to offer investments in terms of technology of Apple’s goods and services.

Today, Apple’s Siri is definitely not in the place where Cook would want it to be. The matter linked to Apple isn’t favorable for many people working across its teams as well as its AI teams. Moreover, one recent report even shed light on how employees at Apple aren’t a fan of Siri and they continue to agree about how the firm’s virtual assistant isn’t as great as other competitors in the market.

Remember, now we’re dealing with plenty of other arch rivals including OpenAI’s virtual assistant too.

On the other hand, this gave rise to more reports about how employees from Siri’s database aren’t working at their best or delivering the finest performances. It takes on weeks to produce some of the most basic features of this world.

Similarly, Apple was busy losing some integral AI and machine learning workers to fellow tech rivals like Google and that’s never appreciated. Remember, most of these findings are linked to the fact that Apple is very strict about its privacy policies. So many OpenAI matters rely upon the collection of data and how Siri and other AI features all end up processing data through local means on any device.

There might be some online debate that we are seeing about how AI tools are copying other kinds of web content on the internet and calling it one of their own.

Photo: Tim Cook / Twitter

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