Google Chooses To Pull The Plug On YouTube Stories For Creators

Google is opting to part ways with one of the YouTube app’s least utilized features. And there are no surprises here that we’re referring to YouTube Stories.

It’s a format that was never loved to begin with and the sudden decision was announced today on their support page.

The post stated in clear terms how there are plenty of ways to showcase content and talent on this platform. And that has to do with its Shorts and its Live endeavors. Moreover, creators were provided with a deadline of June 26 and after this data, you won’t be seeing it return again as Stories are being removed forever.

The option to make new stories through the app is not going to be up for grabs and those that happen to be in Live mode would soon be deleted after the one-week expiry period is shared with the rest of the world.

YouTube Stories was set out in the year 2017 where it was dubbed as Reels. During that period, a lot of fellow arch rivals were seen feeling the competition from other arch rivals including Instagram and Snapchat. Both of these services saw this as the ideal way to put out content that was brief in duration but would be removed later on, after a certain amount of time evolved.

Then we saw Reels on YouTube undergoing a switch and providing the name Stories. This was set out for channels that entailed nearly 10,000 subscribers and more than that. It made it fairly inaccessible to other creators of the app. Such videos would disappear after a span of one week and then you would have a feature of multiple stories arise where several video posts were up simultaneously.

As interesting as such a format may have sounded to some individuals on this app, the creators of YouTube were just never really big fans. They would not latch on to it as the trend of the year and that’s when the company soon launched another more happening venture called YouTube Shorts.

This really picked up the pace and enabled a great remix of content from long-duration videos for this endeavor. It’s created to be used with so much ease on the app and ever since that was launched, the company has really been making so much profit.

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