Meta Platforms Is In The Works Of Launching a New Decentralized Twitter Rival By Summer 2023

It has only been a day since Elon Musk unveiled the new CEO of his Twitter company. And while the tech billionaire is making his way to hand over the role to Linda Yaccarino, there might be something else that’s on his mind at this point in time.

Meta Platforms is reportedly in the talks of launching its own decentralized Twitter rival. The company says the new social network app would be text-based and it’s going coming as early as this summer.

The news comes to us thanks to social media enthusiast Matt Navarra who shared more details on this matter regarding the new and much-anticipated launch that has been under the cover.

It’s codenamed as ‘P92’ and it would enable creators as well as all public figures to let out more updates that are based on text.

Meanwhile, Navarra mentioned on Twitter how the app is currently in the works to reach leading influencers and celebs so that it can become an early adopter of the new and upcoming platform. Moreover, it would give them the chance to experiment before an actual release to the public is made.

This new decentralized network is going to function as an app that stands alone and would become integrated with the Instagram platform. And if you put it simply, users may just end up keeping the Instagram handle on this new app and its respective followers would now be getting alerts to follow them regarding this platform. It’s a cool trick to create the right following on the P92.

From the details unveiled so far, it was in March of this year that we were informed about the report that Meta was thinking about coming head-to-head with Twitter with its own alternative platform.

Its desire was to capitalize upon the great amount of dissatisfaction that people had with the platform. And then we soon heard about Facebook parent’s firm trying to explore the various possibilities of making a unique decentralized social app that’s nicknamed P92. But since then, so many speculations were roaming around regarding the project by Meta and how it’s moving ahead using another codename of Barcelona.

Thanks to social media app expert and fellow researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, every thread entails a limit of 100 posts on this new standalone application. And every one of these posts has character limits that reach the 500 mark. But such figures can alter with time before an actual

Paluzzi adds how the menu does feature it to be named again as Barcelona so that does not mean it’s a codename but the reach name of this new platform.

For those wondering why the news is such a big deal or why it’s so important, well, the answer is simple. Meta was mocked by the Twitter chief in the past for thinking about the launch of a new platform that was going to rival Twitter. Moreover, the billionaire even referred to Meta as a copycat for the thought.

Then in December, we heard more about how Meta was creating the next big Twitter, right after there was a lot of chaos brewing under the leadership of the world’s second-richest individual.

One worker from Meta even wrote through a recently published post how Twitter was in a mode of crisis and the Facebook parent firm was in desperate need to get its mojo back. Hence, why not go for the bread and butter of Twitter, the employee questioned.

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