Microsoft Adds New Features To Bing Chat Including Pictures With Answers And Optimized Knowledge Responses

Tech giant, Microsoft has announced a new array of features for its Bing Chat. This includes optimized knowledge responses and images with answers among others.

Some of the features might pop up temporarily in the Bing Chat as the company says it’s only in the trial phase at this moment in time. Therefore, we thought it would be interesting to see what else was on offer by going into the details.

It’s quite clear that Bing Chat has been getting so much visual with each passing day. But now, some of those visuals may end up triggering plenty of knowledge cards including those that mention, ‘click on the image to release a knowledge card that enables you to find more data about diet, lifestyle, habitat, and some more facts’.

Other than that, we’re getting to hear more about Optimized Answers. These are a part of the Bing Chat and have ended up getting more optimized answers which show answers linked to shopping, jobs, cars, recipes, weather, and finance among others. As can be seen in the example, there are comparisons brought forward that are very visual.

Meanwhile, some more features worth a glance include Bing Chat allowing users to export responses toward PDF, text files, or even the likes of Microsoft Word. Moreover, there is even an enhanced copy-and-paste format for codes and other types of formatted blocks for the text that Bing Chat would generate.

And last but not least, users can also include prompts for the likes of formatting such as adding numbers, bullets, and paragraphs.

So, why do most of us care? Well, most people would continue to witness some large and some small enhancements for the long list of generative AI tools up for grabs such as the Bing Chat. This new interface is turning into something that’s more search-friendly and user-friendly as responses continually improve with time.

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