Meta is expanding its use of generative AI with new sticker creation tools for Instagram

As per the recent leak, social media giant, Instagram is experimenting with a new generative Artificial Intelligence-based stickers update within the platform. This new feature will allow consumers to create their unique stickers using this technology.

This update will turn out to be a source of creativity for consumers as they can make stickers of their choice with AI's assistance.

The following techniques are intended to function by producing numerous variations of a certain design and then scoring each one according to predetermined standards like color, shape, and general appeal. The user is then shown the top designs for selection.

The app has been onto this update for some time. It has been paying attention to current technologies in recent years, and these updates are examples of such focus.

The following update can turn out to be a game-changer for Instagram, as AI is currently the talk of the town. Also, stickers play an important role in unleashing consumers' creativity within the platform. By allowing them to create their stickers, the platform is giving them even more tools to express themselves and connect with their followers.

Moreover, the update is most likely to be engaged with brands and internet influencers for marketing objectives. Creating unique and aligning stickers to the brand will allow them to stand out and engage with their audience in new ways.

Still, AI's impact on creativity seems to be a question mark in many places. As per many experts, reliance on this technology can kill creativity and limit creative expressions among individuals.

The company hasn't still announced the final release date of this feature. It is currently in testing phases and is hoped to be rolled out soon to all individuals.

Thus, to sum up, the latest update of Artificial Intelligence-based stickers carries a strong potential to be the game changer for the king of social media. Further, it will provide a variety of tools and experiences to its consumers to unleash and bring out their creativity. However, it raises some doubts about its impact, but it remains a mystery how the consumers will respond and react to this upcoming update.

Image: Alessandro Paluzzi
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