52% Believe AI Will Be Important In Delivering Search Results

Most professionals working in roles that are focused on online search are having an important say on how they feel AI can impact their search results.

The news comes to us thanks to a recently conducted survey by Lucidworks that proved search practitioners’ points of view on the topic. Moreover, this report had to do with data from 100 people who worked in the sector related to online search. This entails engineers, experts in the digital commerce field, and data scientists as well.

A staggering 52% of the majority claim AI will be a point worth noticing and a very important endeavor for the future in terms of setting out the right search results. Meanwhile, 36% feel it’s going to be very important.

On the other hand, 40% of those surveyed felt delivering the right search results would need a lot more effort in terms of the future as this is just the start. But then 32% held the opinion that less effort would be required, and 28% mentioned how it would need the same types of effort.

36% of search experts quoted the collection of signal data of a great quality to be the most integral factor for conducting the right search results. Meanwhile, 34% cited data analysis and 30% quoted taking on the right actions using this kind of information.

People participating in the study added how taking the right decision including ranking, precision, and recall from search-based data was another factor that must be considered for obvious reasons.

Remember, getting the most effective results from search relevance may sound easy but it requires a lot of effort, experts revealed.

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