LinkedIn Looks To Add More AI Elements Including Generative AI Feed Posts Through Its Suggestions

It appears the professional social media app LinkedIn is not just going to stop experimenting with AI elements.

The leading networking platform LinkedIn is keen on having trials related to generative AI feed posts. And that would be made possible through the suggestions seen by the composer.

The news comes to us thanks to a recent example that was put out by top researcher Nima Owji. He proved how the company’s AI update assistant was prompting a lot of people to share great ideas present across the system. This would get plenty of suggestions and give rise to a new draft through posts on the app.

And that appears to be not so great right now, considering how one of the suggestions has to do with what are users’ opinions about some new trends in the industry. Moreover, we’re seeing plenty of generative AI tools pick up the pace and turn out to be great opinion generators across the board. It’s a great pathway related to seeing a lot of bs on the feed of the app.

As it is, LinkedIn happens to be famous possessing a lot of wannabe entrepreneurs that share the hustle culture and provide enough advice too. This is further inspired by the likes of brave species including Gary Vaynerchuk. However, we failed to see some great charisma linked to a leader of the business world who is very stern in all of his dealings.

The allure that social media comes with has plenty of people talking and they are constantly posting simple highlights linked to their everyday life. And that’s probably the worst thing related to the world of LinkedIn. Some members are trying hard to present a professional version of themselves and that entails humorous-themed bad advice.

You are curious about how to move ahead of time and how to get your boss impressed. And that is what enables you to slay competition.

We cannot even start to imagine how generative AI offerings are going to assist in terms of making such huge improvements regarding this theme. But if people are starting to put out more and more opinions based on AI technology, then what is the point of all of this? Remember, we’re not going to be seeing real individuals share real insights on the app.

If people just put out comments that are machine-generated, it won’t assist in generating new prospects on who they really happen to be and what knowledge they possess, and what they’re bringing to the table in terms of a business relationship.

ChatGPT is most likely to do this as it puts out some major posts on social media that are suggestions based on what your activity has been like on the app.

But seeing how it gets integrated into the app will surely be so interesting. Computational giant Microsoft who is the owner of LinkedIn is very keen to wedge the world of generative AI across different apps that it owns and this does not seem to be an exception.

It’s keen to ride that early wave which continues to be the center of attention and has ended up making Bing the leading search engine so much more relevant again.

It does appear that this might not be the first tool of its kind. More are coming forward and whether we adore it or not, one thing is for sure. We’re going to be dealing with quite a few bots that continue to talk to one another while other people watch while giggling and imitating one another.

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