LinkedIn Boasts Its Key Performance Milestones In Honor Of The App’s 20th Anniversary

LinkedIn has come a long way from where it once began. And as the app gears up to celebrate its 20th birthday this month, the company is showcasing its key performance milestones.

The app was first launched in the year 2003 and it’s been a tough but worthwhile journey as the company is considered to be the number one choice of users in terms of the best online professional platform for networking.

It’s one of the oldest too even beating out MySpace by a few months. The app’s steady focus has been linked to creating the best space where communities can work together in a professional manner to create a clear-cut niche. And it’s endured to be the most popular shift of them all.

To really prepare for such a milestone, the app’s Marketing Solutions team has aligned a large infographic that highlights some huge achievements and sets out new ads on the app. This provides some very interesting perspectives regarding how far the app has come in these two decades.

To better reflect on its journey and to help prepare for the 20th anniversary, here are some important milestones from its history that have really helped in evolving the B2B marketing sector.

For starters, the app arrived in 2003 with a bang and that’s when we saw it entering into the online marketing game where things were very different from what they seem today. Two years later in 2005, the first ad popped up and things did seem like they were going as planned as the CEO let the world know how they were working to achieve their goal of connecting professionals from all over the globe.

By 2011, the app reached the count for its 100 million member figure. People were really seeing the platform as the place to connect and secure jobs in a productive and successful way.

And then in 2012, the platform’s LinkedIn Ads Blogs arose. The membership count was rising faster than ever and it was really gaining huge traction as one of the key developments in the business world. The company was churning out content that could assist marketers in attaining the best out of the app. So blogs from LinkedIn came out this year and people enjoyed the content as they were made aware of more happenings related to the app.

By the year 2013, the platform was really bustling. This was the period of time when sponsored content arose and people turned to the app as a place for insightful chats and collaborations from all over the world.

And then in 2014, it was able to acquire Bizo which assisted the platform in getting the best technology related to ad targeting. But the real breakthrough was in the year 2016 when Microsoft acquired LinkedIn and by taking it under its wing, it was bound to succeed. After all, the computational giant is seen as one of the biggest and most iconic names in the tech world.

Between 2016 to 2017, we saw the app launch account targeting and acquiring a whopping total of 500 million members. Moreover, people were collaborating with each other through the app from a staggering 200 different nations.

The years 2017 to 2019 saw more breakthrough events including Lead Gen Forms getting introduced, debuts of video ads, and premieres from the B2B Institute arise. The following years had more rollouts including live streaming and product pages and it was loved across the board.

By 2021, the app hit the 10 billion dollar revenue mark and this year, which is 2023, it is celebrating a milestone of having 900 million members. How’s that for a success story?

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