Gmail Users Express Dismay As More Ads Pop Up In Places They’ve Never Seen Before

Gmail is ramping up advertisements but that is not making users happy as they’re expressing concern about seeing more of them in places that weren’t witnessed before.

If you happen to be an avid user of Google’s offerings, we bet you can relate more to how ads are a painful part of the entire experience. No one likes them but they need to be there so we can continue to use the services for free.

We pay the price through this temporary discomfort and most of us have gotten used to it by now. But as days go by, we’re seeing more and more ads pop up and it’s not fun anymore.

Gmail users are expressing concern and want it to stop. Google wishes to inject ads in some places of this type of service and that would end up taking things too far, they feel.

The rapid rise in ads has arisen in the past week or so and it’s come to both the website as well as the mobile app experience. So many people on the internet are putting out thoughts on how they feel and most of it is not positive, to say the least.

Gmail already has ads and those were seen at the top of email lists. It was made very clear how easy it was to navigate around those. And today, more and more users are witnessing ads positioned in between email lists. It’s making it so much harder to explore around it.

Additionally, 9to5Google also witnessed ads when they started to use it with their mobile and now the media outlet says that you’ll find ads popping up in the filter box for Updates.

This was left out previously without ads and now, we’re seeing more ads pop up at the top of email lists that makes this super and very clean space appear like it’s so cluttered.

Before we forget to mention, this change is not affecting all people. We have made it a point to reach out to the search engine giant themselves to see what the matter is all about.

For a while now, Google is known to run several targeted trials with the help of features. Such service changes and ads never end up rolling out completely for the public.

But the company is known to be making some major changes such as the complete removal of overlay advertisements on the YouTube platform.

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