Android Users To Get Relief As Google Collaborates With Samsung To Kill Apps Running Unnecessarily In Backgrounds

A common complaint that we’ve seen arise from Android users is how so many apps continue to run unnecessarily in backgrounds. But it appears that Google may have found a solution to this.

The problem is encountered more with Android than iOS as the former does not kill such apps that continue to function without many people even noticing. The end result is battery drainage and that’s never appreciated for obvious reasons.

Today, the Android maker says it is working hard to address such background inconsistencies that are linked to Android 14 as it collaborates with Samsung by getting a new buy-in.

This simply means the South Korean tech giant is going to make it easier to get rid of such apps that developers try to manipulate by allowing them to run continuously. And when asked why, they come up with the excuse that it might restrict background work or prevent some key foreground services. So then they blame poor app performance on this.

While some developers feel the idea is good, others claim to be working around Android’s guidance and also added how following every restriction was not possible.

Today, Google says it has a starting goal with Android 14 and that’s designed to make it so much simpler for a few developers to produce applications that work in a consistent manner through several Android devices.

Google is on the search to solve the problems and challenges arising. And for that, they’re setting out deeper collaborations with various Android hardware producers to ensure APIs are readily available for conducting background work. They are those that get support in a predictable manner and arise consistently throughout the ecosystem.

Today, it’s Samsung who is getting the honor of the privilege of being the first to collaborate on this front. It’s all being made possible thanks to a new One UI 6.0 that enables foreground services to function appropriately on Android 14 while being given a guarantee to work so well, provided they align with the new policy set out by Android regarding APIs.

Samsung adds how this partnership came about in the creation of a unified policy that it feels will work well for all of its Galaxy users.

Alongside this news, we saw Google put forward a trio of changes that users can expect soon to arrive. For starters, there would be a clause to declare types of foreground services while requesting permission and when it’s necessary to use those.

Secondly, there would be a new data transfer procedure that indicates the job type. This would convert the whole experience of managing huge user uploads and downloads into a much more smoother experience. And lastly, the company’s new policies for Google Play would ensure there is the right use of foreground services. And that is what initiated such job transfers to arise in the first place.

Moreover, all developers were also requested to send feedback on the matter to ensure consistent results.

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