Google CEO Expresses Great Optimism For AI’s Role In Enhancing The Law Profession

Sundar Pichai is expressing great optimism and positivity about the role of artificial intelligence in transforming the law profession.

The Google CEO says he is willing to put his money where his mouth is in terms of claiming how there would be so many more lawyers, just a decade from today. And that’s all thanks to the improvements that AI technology will bring forward.

Pichai added during his latest interview at The Verge how this might come with the price tag of some consequences that weren’t intended in the first place. But that does not mean we can cancel out the pros linked to it.

The reason why such professions can’t vanish has to do with the fact that there are plenty of law systems that deal with human behavior and their issues. So we’re always going to be needing lawyers.

In the past, many people felt that the advent of modern technology would make complete job categories disappear. But it’s yet to play out completely. For now, it’s not quite clear how the world of AI can affect jobs and various sectors in the future but it’s not as bad as some people may believe.

A while back, people started to predict how the tech world would be affected by huge disruptions in the labor market. And that is definitely one of Pichai’s concerns as well. Today, the Google CEO feels more and more governments need to play an active role in terms of making adaptations. There are plenty of skills that need to be discussed and the fact of the matter is that people cannot underestimate the great benefits that some of these things bring forward.

There are plenty of legal jobs including legal assistants and even paralegals that might be replaced thanks to the world of AI. But as explained by experts, the law industry is not too vast. So many jobs had already been taken up thanks to AI automation before the great popularity of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT arose.

This sort of information is very structured and oriented based on AI language models. It’s going to be very amenable thanks to the generative AI world.

AI will not be able to make legal jobs completely automated because it still requires judgments from humans so that it could meet the demands of both the client as well as the employer. So instead of taking it negatively, people need to look at it with a positive outlook as it would boost productivity.

The Google CEO says he strongly believes both the legal systems and the governments would be required to grapple with the same aura of problems, thanks to the world of emerging technology. Moreover, people are trying hard to think about the huge downsides of AI and that’s also important to be more prepared at an early period of time.

In Pichai’s words, this is the most profound kind of technology that humankind is busy working upon.

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