FCC Begins Crack Down Against Those Supporting Robocalls That Engage In Impersonation

The FCC is having zero-tolerance against firms that support impersonation and is now opting to crack down against one such leading company.

One Eye is the name highlighted by the FCC as the firm that was recently blocked by voice service providers after shocking evidence revealed that it was trying to convince people through fake robocalls that impersonated a leading financial institution.

The call mentioned how consumers had placed preauthorized orders and when they were denied, they were told it was in their name now and not a lot could be done about the matter.

As you can imagine, some people were not happy but also did not know who to get out of this leading scam that affected thousands. Moreover, as explained by the FCC, some top gateway providers such as One Eye function as on-ramps in American phone companies for all calls arising outside the nation.

These are necessary to block illegal calls from reaching citizens and since One Eye failed to do just that, despite being given so many chances to end its support for illegal campaigns, it continued to engage in illegal behavior.

Whatever is left of the firm would now be making its way to robocall history, as mentioned by the FCC chair recently. They hope to shut off such providers assisting all types of scammers in the industry as plenty of junk calls aren’t only annoying but they’re illegal and helping such fraudsters really deserves some major consequences.

This is one of its first kinds of robo-blocking orders where voice service providers will be working until June 10 to prevent taking on more traffic by the likes of One Eye.

Moreover, the Enforcement Burea team is designed to create a much more transparent and fair but tough entity through which users can shut access to American communication networks by firms like these. These are designed to target customers making illegal robocalls.

The FCC cited how it was starting its crackdown against such firms as early as February of this year and now it seems to have picked up the pace and is blocking any type of unlawful traffic.

Moreover, the commission also issued another similar kind of order against a tech firm that goes by the name of Global UC from Texas. It similarly started to invite more private firms and people to send out reports that suspect illegal actions.

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