Elon Musk Introduces New Changes On The Twitter App Including Voice Recordings In DMs And Cheaper Verification

Twitter is making an array of new changes on the app and we thought it would be interesting to reveal the news to our readers.

For starters, the app is trying to think about a new plan for verification that wouldn’t be costing a fortune. At the moment, it’s $1000 per month and as you can imagine, it’s not cheap.

But over the past few days, tech billionaire Elon Musk mentioned how the firm is on the lookout for cheaper options so that small firms can benefit but he failed to provide any idea of the cost.

Twitter’s chief said the firm is trying to find the right solution regarding the process to make sure firms are applying for the position of verification to ensure they’re not getting involved in the wrong activities.

At the moment, the brands are trying to spend a staggering $1000 each month for the sake of verification to attain that gold tick alongside $50 each month for every affiliate account. Meanwhile, for those firms that are small-scale, it might just be small spending to ensure a great Twitter performance.

For now, Elon Musk is yet to provide any other details regarding the plan’s cost and which firms would qualify for that. The same would be the case when the app is trying to roll out another new tier.

The social media platform is trying to push hard for things like paid verification. This is right after the deletion of legacy ticks in the past month and that is what forced so many firms to lose the status of being verified.

Furthermore, the app has begun sharing emails with so many accounts where they state how they need to subscribe to the Blue Platform or take part in plans regarding advertising through this platform.

It all starts on April 21, when users’ accounts would entail verified checkmarks or a subscription for the Verified Organization to ensure ads are running on the Twitter app.

Those spending nearly $1000 each month have golden-hued ticks and that would enable access to advertising without any type of advertising with interruptions during this period. This was confirmed through a recent email.

For now, organization verification isn’t limited solely to the likes of the Twitter app. But in the past week, we saw Gmail introduce the Blue verified ticks to make room for brand emailing and make sure that it’s actually authentic.

In other news, the app is considering opening up inactive accounts that have been lying dormant for quite some time now. And if that indeed pulls through, we could soon see it giving rise to around one billion accounts.

Chances are that if you have not logged into such an account for a while, you might be at risk of losing it. And in case you’ve been trying to wait for an account to get free, you just might be in luck.

Elon Musk who is the CEO of Twitter and Tesla mentioned in a tweet that was published on Monday how this app was trying hard to purge more accounts that had zero activity for years.

While the world’s second richest man has yet to outline any form of the timeline regarding when it will happen but did put out a new warning about post-expulsion. Therefore, you have to expect that the number of your followers is likely to fall.

Lastly, Twitter is expanding the voice recording feature to DMs on the app so more regions can benefit. In the past, we’ve seen the optional feature of adding voice memos to Messages so now that it’s happening is exciting.

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