Elon Musk’s Personal Lawyer Accuses Microsoft Of Breaking Twitter’s Developer Agreement

Alex Spiro who is Elon Musk’s personal lawyer is not happy with Microsoft.

He was recently seen sending out a new letter on behalf of the app and as one can expect, it was not great news. This was a letter that accused computational giant Microsoft of breaking the agreement Twitter had in place for its developers.

The news comes to us thanks to a recently published report by The New York Times. It referenced the letter and went into detail about how it went against so many provisions from the app’s agreement and therefore, such behavior wouldn’t be tolerated for long.

It was not until recently that we saw tech giant Microsoft combine a few of Twitter’s APIs using some of the company’s products. The letter mentioned how Microsoft operated around eight new API apps from the platform and combined them with the likes of Bing, Xbox, and even some advertisements too.

Clearly, it was busy pulling out a lot of support for such APIs, and even during months like April, it was reducing sharing of clips to the Twitter platform through the likes of Xbox.

This is mostly due to the platform’s expensive API tiers that were only recently launched.

As per this new letter, so many examples were put forward where Microsoft violated the app’s developer agreements as it entailed APIs for uses that were not legal. Moreover, the fact that the company failed to inform Twitter about it too was just unauthorized behavior.

Therefore, now, the lawyer of Musk is requesting a complete compliance audit for all of eight different applications running throughout April of 2023. This was the time period when it was shut out by the likes of Microsoft.

It demanded a huge swath of data and hoped Microsoft would comply with its requests regarding how it was using the Twitter data.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is not choosing to stay silent on the matter. The firm’s spokesperson was seen mentioning through a recently published media statement that they heard from Musk’s lawyer some questionable approaches taken on by the company. Therefore, they have full plans to review it and would be providing an answer to each of them soon.

Speaking to The New York Times recently, the firm shed light on how it currently does not pay any funds to the Twitter app for using its data.

When asked for comment requests on Twitter, we saw it getting a poop emoji.

Meanwhile, such a letter does not mention any form of legal action that is in the pending state. We saw in the month of April how Elon Musk had put out some major threats on who it planned to sue tech giant Microsoft for trying to train its chatbots through data obtained by the app.

He kept on putting a focus on the language models that chatbots make use of like ChatGPT and the Bing Search.

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