Twitter’s Power Users Are Still Using The App But The Figures Are Dropping, New Survey Proves

Elon Musk’s Twitter app is definitely not the same as what it was before his acquisition.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center claims a lot of the app’s power or top users continue to use the platform and generate posts. But it would not be wrong to mention that the figures keep on falling, the research went on to reveal.

This new analysis took into consideration real behavior on the website and it saw how so many active users were busy using the app and loving it before Musk became the new chief. These users make up the top 20% by volume of users and their posting capabilities continue to fall, despite months passing by.

The users were producing an average figure for tweets each month that fell by nearly 25% after that particular acquisition.

In addition to that, nearly 60% of adults in the US were seen making use of this platform throughout the last year and since then, they have ended up taking some breaks from this particular service and there was a quarter who proved they will not make use of this, one year later.

This new type of data showcased the many challenges that the platform still faces and how the new CEO may be hired but she’s got a real task being put up in front of her.

Linda Yaccarino has the advertising experience from her previous workplaces and she’s all set to replace Elon Musk. Moreover, she would be taking on the role of this leading position that continues to see a decline in users, thanks to major concerns related to inappropriate content that has spread ever since Elon Musk was in charge.

She recently signed off from her leading role as the head of advertising at NBC and says she really needs to put in more effort to mend the relationships or strained ties with the app’s advertisers. Only then can we expect them to attain a stronghold on the whole content moderation scenario?

As it is, Elon Musk has ended up reducing the workforce by a staggering 80% and that means there are only about 1500 employees. He says that he has removed a lot of those individuals that he probably should have not let go, a confession that struck many as shocking during his recent interview with a media outlet.

Musk adds how troubling times really do call for some great measures. And for now, there is no doubt about how some individuals that were allowed to go perhaps should have stayed.

The survey went on to prove that a lot of the content on the app is produced by a limited number of users. Ever since Elon Musk took charge of the firm, 20% of the adults on this website ended up making 98% of the tweets for the group.

And after providing a request for comment, the app was seen mentioning a poop emoji so as you can imagine, they’re not willing to speak on all of this, just yet.

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